History of HONEST

We are a team of people  that are passionate about appliances. After more than 15 years in the appliance sector, dealing with providers, distributors, store owners and a long list of people, Honest Appliances was founded, a brand dedicated to the small appliance, in which the values of or team live.

So that’s how HONEST’s story starts, a brand which differs because all of our teams experience is put into the products.

During the the time we worked with store owners and providers, we saw that there existed a need for products that were reasonable in price, of good quality, with technical service and warranty you could trust.

From the start, we were very certain about what we wanted. We reviewed hundreds of manufacturers and pieces to compare qualities and select only the best products of the highest level. The goal? Making your and your families life a little easier.

All this makes our brand: HONEST.

We are pleased to present to you our HONEST products, and we hope to hear your constructive criticism to keep growing.

Un cordial saludo,

Logo empresa

The HONEST Team.

You can send your suggestions here: info@honestappliances.com

Sello calidad honest


The success of the innovation

The innovative ideas, new cocepts and business models adapted to the client have been big clues in our success. Our development spreads further that the ideas to be convincing products that can conker markets and establish a reference. They have made out of us a strong and big company, that will allow us to build a bright future.


Everyday human achievement

The way we live changes with the technological advances and the production of these technologies, this added to the human achievements make the life of people better and reduces greatly the environmental impact.
All this thanks to the daily work of the HONEST employees.