Scale Fitness Life

With body fat function

Dryer Silky Hair 2200W

Soft and silky hair

Iron Quick easy 2400W

Fast and easy ironing

Stainless steel blender

Smoothies and blends


With 3 speeds and adjustable head

Our compromise

HONEST appliances fulfill the highest standards of performance and offers the greatest comfort to the user.
The product philosophy is to give a great performance and a product that will accompany you for life.
The quality of the products is tangible and is carefully crafted.


Honest Appliances are defined by a beautiful design that accompanies the functional design and implements the latest innovations.
Make you house look elegant, modern and functional.

The experience and the technical advances assures that you will have the combinations of the latest technologies in your product.
In our HONEST products we implement only the advances that will make your life better. Only incorporating the technologies that will have a positive impact on the utility and usage of it.

Featured Products


Removable parts for an easy cleaning and easy use.


1,5 L, cristal jar, blue LED indicators

Sandwich Maker

Nonstick surface for easy cooking.


1,3m variable height and direction.


180º open angle

This product is perfect for making delicious sandwiches. It’s a great product for any family that enjoys sandwiches. I’ve discovered really good recipes online and I’ll try them out. I love this product and I totally recommend it!

Alberto Santocha

I can’t believe I didn’t get this product before. I’ve always liked smoothies, but my blender was a headache when it came to cleaning.
Finally a blender with removable parts, now it’s so easy to clean.


Marta Granados

I’ve been looking for a durable juicer and I’ve finally found it. It is so easy to use that even mi son can use it to make our own natural juice.
I love it because it’s fast, simple and silent.

Carlos Peridis

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